Business Consultant

My prowess goes beyond conventional boundaries, with a proven record of contractual collaborations that have played a pivotal role…

Vice President of Sales

During my tenure at ParcelPal, I orchestrated a transformative journey for the prominent Canadian courier service known for its shared network of couriers…


Director of Sales

 During my tenure at WPIC, I embarked on a multifaceted mission to propel sales and expand the market horizon. As a pivotal player, I orchestrated the seamless entry of North American and European companies into the thriving APAC…


Vice President of Sales

In the dynamic landscape where businesses strive to distinguish themselves and thrive, my team and I orchestrated a remarkable transformation at WebNames, catalyzing a paradigm shift within both the B2C and B2B spheres…


Project Coordinator

During my tenure at Walmart, I had the remarkable opportunity to assume the role of project manager, leading a multifaceted initiative that would mark a significant milestone for Walmart Canada. Guiding multiple internal teams with precision and insight..

Strategic Business Development

My role in orchestrating seamless market entries for North American and European companies into the APAC eCommerce landscape showcases your expertise in strategic business development. I have consistently navigated complex market dynamics, forged cross-border partnerships, and driven growth strategies that align with unique market landscapes. Creating new dynamic sales naratives.

Marketing Prowess and Leadership

My achievements, from boosting revenues and lead conversion rates to reshaping digital retail landscapes, reflect your ability to combine strategic insight with marketing expertise. My journey underscores your profound impact on the strategic marketing field, demonstrating my your capacity to shape the trajectory of brands and industries through innovative marketing strategies and visionary leadership.

Innovative Project Management

My role as a project manager overseeing transformative initiatives, such as constructing the eCommerce infrastructure for Walmart.ca and driving the expansion of last-mile and payment platforms, demonstrates your project management skills. I've led cross-functional teams to execute complex projects, optimize operations, and create innovative solutions that reshape industries.