Business Consultant

With a distinguished career spanning more than two decades, my expertise has evolved to a level of precision in crafting omnichannel strategies and optimizing operational funnels for maximum impact. My professional journey has traversed diverse industries, from the dynamic landscapes of e-commerce technology and retail to the intricate domain of logistics. Throughout this trajectory, I have consistently been at the forefront, leading sales-driven initiatives that propel businesses to unprecedented heights.

Furthermore, my proficiency extends seamlessly into the realm of digital marketing, where I have orchestrated highly successful HubSpot and Mailchimp email and newsletter campaigns. Leveraging these robust platforms, I’ve implemented targeted strategies that not only enhance customer engagement but also yield substantial increases in conversion rates.

Beyond conventional boundaries, my track record includes proven success in contractual collaborations that have played a pivotal role in driving resounding achievements for numerous companies. My unparalleled ability to stimulate sales growth, coupled with an unwavering commitment to shaping forward-facing enterprises, consistently distinguishes me in the competitive arena.

At the core of my accomplishments lies not only the art of elevating companies but also the science of forging agile, future-ready organizations. Through the seamless integration of captivating content with cutting-edge technology, I have redefined business landscapes, delivering transformative outcomes that resonate through exceptional sales-driven endeavors.

Experience Highlights


Proposify Marketing

In collaboration with PurpleGator Marketing Agency, I spearheaded the redesign of their sales and marketing pitch decks. Drawing on my extensive background in sales and marketing, the goal was to modernize their visual and narrative identity.

  1. Design Innovation: Infused contemporary design trends for visually stunning layouts that aligned with PurpleGator’s brand ethos, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

  2. Content Refinement: Collaborated closely to refine messaging, integrating success stories and the agency’s unique value proposition for a compelling narrative.

  3. Proposify Integration: Implemented Proposify for a streamlined proposal process, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation with valuable analytics for future pitches.

The result was a set of pitch decks that not only captivated but truly reflected PurpleGator’s commitment to innovation. This project showcases my ability to seamlessly integrate design and content, creating compelling narratives for success in the marketing landscape.

E-commerce Consultant

In my role as an E-commerce Consultant, I collaborated with Pitney Bowes to expand their operations in the North West. Utilizing my in-depth knowledge of small to medium last-mile companies, I served as an asset relation manager, contributing significantly to the successful integration of their e-commerce solution software into the market. I also played a pivotal role in assisting startups by defining their positioning, identifying strategic partnerships, and enhancing logistical mapping.

Sales and Marketing Consultant

As a Sales and Marketing Consultant at Bizbro IT Solutions Inc., I assumed responsibility for marketing and sales materials, crafting impactful ads, blogs, and social media content. Leading the sales and marketing efforts, I developed effective lead generation funnels and executed SEO strategies, contributing to the company’s successful return on investment strategy.

I spearheaded the expansion of their last-mile and financial payment platform to English-speaking businesses, doubling sales within two months through targeted digital campaigns in Vancouver. Additionally, I championed the development of an e-commerce platform and payment service, empowering both Asian and English-speaking businesses and fostering the growth of a robust senior sales team.

Senior Vice President

During my tenure as the Senior Vice President and General Manager at Signals Design Group since 1984, I implemented a transformative approach by overhauling sales and operational infrastructure. Introduction of digital outbound sales strategies and streamlined project management resulted in a remarkable $450K increase in new revenue within just six months. This achievement was underpinned by my commitment to enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

In essence, my journey at LA+CO underscores a rich history of driving sales, optimizing strategies, and propelling businesses to new heights across diverse industries. The integration of successful HubSpot and Mailchimp campaigns further illustrates my commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends, consistently delivering transformative outcomes in the world of business consultancy.


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