Ali Lavasani – Business and Investment Consultant

Helping individuals and business owners brings me great enjoyment along with a deep sense of being useful and valuable.

Throughout their lifetime, we believe that everyone can benefit from financial planning. Listen to clients tell their stories, in their own words, of how they grew their wealth with our help.

When you become a client, we will meet with you to discuss your immediate goals and longer-term objectives. We will conduct a detailed financial assessment for you, then analyze that information to suggest the strategies best suited to you. Working together, we will implement your plan and review it regularly as your life changes.

Working behind the scene is our large team of financial planning experts, who specialize in investment, retirement, tax, and life planning. These experts help our team keep on top of changes to government legislation that could impact your plan, global market movements and new financial options.

Whatever your short or long-term financial goals – buying a home, paying for an education, living well in retirement or planning your estate – we will work with you to develop a plan to help get you there.

Mour About Me

Starting your own company is a challenging and risky business, but can also be very rewarding.
Changes to your career can happen, whether you’re looking to make them or not.
With an abundance of information and options, seeking advice from someone familiar with this country and its systems can make adjusting a little easier.
From diapers to diplomas, your child’s well-being requires a considerable financial commitment.

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